Position title
Third Deck Officer
Duration of contract
4 months (± 30 days)
Seagoing service

Minimum 8 months seagoing service as a Third Mate


The required documents must be with validation at least one year from the application date.
Medical certification according to the company terms and conditions.

Required documents


<p>Seaman’s book</p>

<p>Certificate of Competency</p>

<p>Basic Safety Training</p>

<p>Advanced Fire Fighting</p>

<p>Medical First Aid</p>

<p>Proficiency in Survival craft and rescue boat other than fast rescue boat</p>

<p>Training in bridge resource management teamwork</p>

<p>Training in operational use of ECDIS and AIS</p>

<p>Training for seafarers with Designated Security Duties</p>

<p>Certificate for training in Marine Environmental Awareness</p>

<p>Yellow fever</p>

<p>Marlins English language test for seafarers held in BMTC – results above 70%</p>

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