Position title
Second Deck Officer
Duration of contract
4 months (± 30 days)
Seagoing service

Minimum 8 months seagoing service as Second Mate


The required documents must be with validation at least one year from the application date.
Medical certification according to the company terms and conditions.

Required documents


<p>Seaman’s book</p>

<p>Certificate of Competency</p>

<p>Basic Safety Training</p>

<p>Advanced Fire Fighting</p>

<p>Medical First Aid</p>

<p>Proficiency in Survival craft and rescue boat other than fast rescue boat</p>

<p>Training in bridge resource management teamwork</p>

<p>Training in operational use of ECDIS and AIS</p>

<p>Medical Care on board</p>

<p>Training for seafarers with Designated Security Duties</p>

<p>Certificate for training in Marine Environmental Awareness</p>

<p>Yellow fever</p>

<p>Marlins English language test for seafarers held in BMTC – results above 70%</p>

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